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Products and Services

The SU3 approaches the market with 3 different types of supplementary and inseparable solutions/services:

1. Design and commercialisation of mechanical natural and zenith lighting equipment/solutions for multi-dwelling residences and small business;

2. Representation and commercialisation of household kitchens for the residential market of the NOLTE Kuchen brand– German manufacturer company with presence in different international markets. SU3 represents this manufacturer (exclusively) for the regional market of the greater Lisbon area;

3. With engineering, architecture and speciality projects consulting services.


1. Mechanised natural and zenith lighting solutions/equipment (Sky Windows)
With the development of this type of equipment, the company will resolve four of the biggest gaps in the area of development and production of mechanised natural and zenith lighting systems located in the attics of buildings, making them modular, automatic, customisable and easy to implement.

2. NOLTE Kuchen Household kitchens
NOLTE Kuchen, is currently the third largest manufacturer of kitchen segment in Germany. Focusing a consistent business philosophy, the NOLTE Kuchen became a reference for innovation from its founding in 1958.

The NOLTE Kuchen kitchens are designed and produced in Germany and are associated with high standards of quality. These equipment are conceived and designed in a market perspective, in terms of aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics, making it a versatile solution to better adapt to the different demands of space, style and needs of potential customers.

3. Engineering, architecture and speciality projects technical consultancy service
The commercialisation of solutions/equipment (Sky Windows) developed by SU3, as well as NOLTE Kuchen kitchens represented and commercialised by the company, are always associated with the provision of engineering and/or architecture technical consulting services.

For the implementation of the "Sky Windows", and the NOLTE Kuchen kitchens, it is necessary to perform studies and design the best solution to implement, the technical designs and specific architecture and engineering projects.

From this integration of services, several important functions arise for the design and installation of the equipment/solutions commercialised by the company, for example, using innovative and efficient technology, configuration of engineering and architecture projects for the installation of the system and implementation of the installation.

The SU3 business model offers the total integration of the activities performed by the company, presenting them in a single integrated service, where the client does not have to worry about the various stakeholders involved in the process.

In this case, the client only contacts SU3, which in turn will develop the engineering and architecture solution/ideal equipment for the client, contact material suppliers to obtain the materials needed for the system/equipment, integrate it into its various system/equipment solutions, test it and plan the project, sub-contracting the installers and proceeding to the work management (installation) accompanying the installers in technical terms.

At the same time, SU3 will provide varied engineering and architecture services in the construction and business and residential real estate market segments:

• Architecture Projects;
• Stability and Specialities Projects (water, sewers and electricity);
• Acoustic verification Projects;
• Fire Safety Plans;
• Hygiene and Safety Plans;
• Thermal Verification Projects;
• Energy Certification;
• Licensing coordination services for the project and work coordination.